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Tharaphi Dusty Pink Wallet Pouch

  • Tharaphi Collection က သင့်ရဲ့ကိုယ်ပိုင်ဟန်ကို အသစ်တစ်ဖန် ပြောင်းလဲပေးဖို့အတွက်လိုအပ်နေတဲ့ အဆင်တန်ဆာတစ်ခုပါပဲ။
    Named after the summer flower of change and hope, Tharaphi collection reimagine your wardrobe with a breath of  life. 

  • Bag Size: L 23.5cm, H 12.5cm, W 0.7cm
  • Material: Cotton Canvas+ Vegan Leather, Poly Lining
  • Logo: Debossed logo on Vegan leather patch
  • Pocket Interior: Zipped Back Wall Pocket + Inside Flat Pocket
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