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Insider is the member of Yangoods and Yangold is the point which member can earn upon their purchase. Yangoods Insider is a special program where Insider members can earn Yangold.

You can create an Insider account by scanning the QR code at the counter of any Yangoods official store. You can also join from another insider’s invitation! Lastly, go online and create your Insider account by YOURSELF from this link "Click Here"

You can earn 1 Yangold(points) for every 1,000 Kyat spent. Insiders can use Yangold for:

Limited time offers

Insider rewards

Access to exclusive events

To enjoy full benefits, let’s register your Insider account!

Note: Yangold points are usable until 2 years from your last purchase. Your online Insider account will be forfeited within 60 days if you don’t have any purchase.

  • You can access your online Insider account via this link found in our shops with your e-mail to check your Yangold here.
  • Link with your Apple Wallet to get easy access to your rewards.

Complete Profile

If you create Yangoods online Insider account, you can get 10 Yangold by completing your profile.

Birthday Gift

If you have filled your date of birth, you will get 20 Yangold on your birthday.


Invite your friends to become an Insider to earn 20 Yangold when they make first purchase.Please "Click Here"for the tutorial of friend referral

Members of the Yangoods Insider program earn Yangold (“Points”) for every 1,000 kyats spent on Eligible Product Purchases (as defined below). Yangold accrues when you create an Insider account at the time of purchase for both in-store and online Eligible Product Purchases. Under the Insider program, “Eligible Product Purchases” means purchases of Yangoods products in which fashion, jewelry, decoration and souvenir items such as bag, scarfs, notebooks, coasters, accessories, etc. Gift card purchases and consignment items such as, but not limited to, Mandalay Watches, Bagan Princess Perfumes and Bagan Princess Thanakha Powder are excluded. Yangoods has the right to make the final decision on whether a purchase qualifies for Yangold under Insider program. The Insider program is free to enroll. There are three eligible tiers of membership. The Insider will graduate to a higher tier automatically upon meeting the tier’s qualifications as follows

  • The first tier (“Insider”)is achieved upon enrollment in the Insider program. As an “Insider” Member, Member earns (1) Yangold for every (1,000) kyats spent on Eligible Product Purchases. These Members may redeem Insider Rewards in exchange for a certain amount of accrued Yangold. Members receive 20 Yangold on their birthdays. Members can also receive exclusive rewards through the Insider Rewards program (collectively, the “Insider Benefits”).
  • The second tier (“Emerald Insider”)is achieved when the Member earns more than 500 Yangold on Eligible Product Purchases. As an Emerald Insider, Members earn one 1 Yangold for every 1,000 kyats spent on Eligible Product Purchases. In addition to the standard Insider Member Benefits, Emerald Insiders can enjoy benefits such as early access to product releases and exclusive rewards through the Insider Reward program (collectively, the “Emerald Insider Benefits”).
  • The third tier (“Mahura Insider”) is achieved when the Member earns more than 1,000 Yangold on Eligible Product Purchases. As a Mahura Insider, Members earn 2 Yangold for every 1,000 kyats spent on Eligible Product Purchases. In addition to the Insider and Emerald Insider Benefits, Mahura Insiders are eligible for exclusive rewards and a birthday gift card worth 30,000 MMK (in cash) through the Insider Reward program (collectively, the “Mahura Insider Benefits”). A birthday gift card is only valid within a member’s birthday month. This gift card will be delivered to a member personally and can be redeemed at any official Yangoods outlet. However, a birthday gift card is not valid for online purchases.

Yangold will be posted to your Member account within 24 hours of an in-store purchase or date of shipment for online orders. Your Insider account will be forfeited if you don’t make any purchase after creating your account within 60 days. Memberships expire 2 years after the latest purchase made by the account, which means your Membership will expire if you make no purchases within 2 years. When a Membership expires, the Member’s remaining Yangold is forfeited.

Yangold calculations are based upon kyat spent at checkout on Eligible Product Purchases. This does not include any kyat spent on sales tax, shipping charges, delivery charges, the kyat value of purchases made with Gift Cards and eGift Cards, the kyat value of any Gift Card offer with purchase, the kyat value of any consignment items, or other excluded charges.

To redeem your Yangold for a reward item, visit the Insider Rewards page and follow the directions provided. Each Reward item has a specific Yangold value as shown in the Insider Rewards page. After a member redeems their reward, they must claim their reward with coupon code within 30 days. Coupon codes expire after 30 days. When Members return products to the store, the Yangold previously posted to the Member's account for that purchase will be deducted from the Member's account. Yangold and Rewards have no cash value and are non-transferable. Note: Insider Reward items can change at the discretion of Yangoods.

Yangoods is not responsible for communications, including Rewards, lost due to problems including change of address or other contact information. If the Insider Program is terminated or the Member's account is closed, any remaining earned Yangold will be forfeited. In the event that a Member returns merchandise that was partially or wholly paid for with a Reward(s), the Reward(s) used in connection with such a purchase shall not be reissued and no Yangold representing such Reward(s) shall be reissued to the Member's account. In these cases, the Member forfeits the Rewards(s). Note: Yangoods is responsible for reissuing Yangold only for faulty Reward(s). Yangoods reserves the right to make the final decision in those cases.

Yangoods reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Insider Program at any time with due notice. All Yangold and subsequent rewards must be earned and used according to the terms and conditions of the Insider Program as of the date the Yangold are earned.

Yangold is non-transferable and may not be combined among Insiders or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a Member's estate and may not pass to Members' successors and assignees.

Note: Yangoods staff members may not become Yangoods Insiders.